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An independent author, helping other independent authors tell their stories well.

Are you an author building your self-publishing team?

I’d love to help!

Listed below are a few services that I offer for fellow authors (within the Editorial Freelancers Association set price listing).

An honest reader review of your fictional story is included as well at no additional charge.

Copy Editor

Allow me to provide you with an in-depth surveying of your work, from inconsistencies to possible legal liabilities in your fictional storytelling.

As a partner in your self- publishing process, I will work with you in correcting errors among the grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation used in your story.


Has your work already been edited?

That’s great!

As a proofreader, I would be happy to check the final draft of your work for consistancy to ensure it is completely free of errors. With a two week turnaroun as your proofreader I will also be reviewing said work for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of regional English

Sensitivity Reader

As a sensitivity reader, I work with you to ensure that your story does not get lost in misunderstandings and misrepresentation. My goal is to assist you in better story development and to offer inclusive tips where possible to help improve your fictional work.

Special thanks to K. McCoy for being my sensitivity and alpha reader.”

A. K. Hughey

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