MAGIX is Ready for a Comeback!

While updating my WordPress with snippets of the latest installment of the MAGIX series, I remembered that the first book debuted just a little over TWO years ago!


The first year I spent thinking to myself, “Do I really want to keep going with this?”

Not like I had much of a say, since the main characters wouldn’t leave my head, lol

Soon after that, more characters begin making their presence known. The second year was the pandemic, and with my dream job behind me in Korea, let’s just say that I had plenty of time to write.

And write I did!

MAGIX: Melodic Whirlwinds dives much further into my fictitious take on the K-Pop industry, and I hope that you all enjoy it. Writing for the rest of the series seemed to fly by after this second book, and I cannot wait to share what is in store for Mika, Ae Rin, Geegi, Izzy, and Xiao Mei with the world.

So, don’t be shy (shy, lol)! Let me know what your thoughts are on the story – now series.

Until then, 안녕 Hallyu Misfits!